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Welcome to |M.A.M.U|-PenguiN

Penguins piloting mechs!!

Greetings, Penguin Commanders. Welcome to |M.A.M.U| - Penguin HQ. Here, you get to know more about your Penguins, their mech, overall developments and possibly recruit a penguin or two to your Penguin army!!

Build a squad

Penguins work well in squads of 4. Strategically build your squad based on mission requirements and preference. Penguin Commanders have multiple permutations to choose from when building a squad. Be it a balanced squad, highly offensive, defensive or even stealthy, your penguins are highly trained and will be ready for any situation. 

I attack

I protect

I repair

I fat


Modular mech


Pride of the Penguin army, |M.A.M.U| stands for Modular Autonomous Mech Unit. The modular mech allows for multiple modifications and customization to be made to various components, allowing for a bespoke answer on the battleground.

Behind the Scene Interview with greenroom136

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